Traineeship Programme

Where your career path is thoughtfully signposted

The Traineeship Programme will arm you with essential tools and experience, putting you in the best possible position to launch your career, where we'll guide you towards employment.

When you need a hand, our Employability team are here to help – personal consultations, guidance, and mentoring are all part of the service. Through workshops and training sessions we'll show you:

  • how to pick your career goals and create a career plan
  • how to search for the perfect job
  • how to write winning applications, CV's and cover letters
  • how to apply yourself at a job interview
  • how to find job placements, Traineeships, Apprenticeships and volunteer work
  • how to make industry connections

Where experience is hands-on

Getting solid experience under you will do wonders for your CV, while giving you a chance to road test your new skills. With our employer connections, we make it possible:

Job Placements

Short-term or part-time placements in your preferred industry. You'll need to be proactive to get a placement, but you'll be rewarded with experience, industry contacts and practical skills.

Recruitment partners as GJobs - & Work experience partners as Chosen Care Group -

Volunteer Opportunities

A great way to get industry experience and build contacts.


Get your foot in the door when you graduate from your Apprenticeship with a full-time industry post. You'll get first hand professional experience, gain valuable skills, get paid and make valuable business contacts.


Learn skills you can use on the job as part of your course. Most CCG College programmes offer a Traineeship/Apprenticeship through our Career Starter Programme.