Skills Support for Umemployed

CCG College of Skills Innovation (CCG College) is based in the east area of London, providing IAG and sector based training for unemployed adults across the Capital.

CCG College has supported over 1721 unemployed people since its existence (2013), allying its training provision with its recruitment service for employers, particularly in the health and social care sectors.

Key effectiveness factors:

  • A three sided relationship with Jobcentre Plus and employers in the health and social care sector
  • A three sided relationship with Jobcentre Plus and employers in other sector bases
  • CCG College operates a close three sided partnership with JCP and its sister companies.

This relationship with both Jobcentre Plus and a pool of regular employer customers enables it to monitor and respond to changing recruitment demand.

The Jobcentre Plus role is critical, not only for referrals but also ‘in bringing employers to the table’. Where there are clusters of vacancies, CCG College can provide a pre-employment training programme that is customised to each specific vacancy.

The employer role in this three sided relationship is the key to CCG College’s success in getting people into jobs. CCG College has a relationship with around 35 employers from whom it gets repeat business, usually working with 2-3 at any one time. It promotes this as ‘a free recruitment service’ in which it:

  • Matches suitable candidates to job specifications
  • Provides customised assessment and screening services to identify when learners are ready to apply for vacancies
  • Trains people to meet job entry requirements, as defined by the employer for a specific vacancy
  • Offers to widen employers’ pools of job applicants by identifying and training suitable candidates they would otherwise not reach
  • Helps to increase retention by identifying local candidates who are keen to stay, to learn and to develop their career by providing in work support and further training where appropriate.
  • Uses funding flexibly to cover the costs of these services

CCG College’s model can significantly increases an employer’s success rates.

For example, in a recent recruitment exercise with Chosen Care Group, 90% of those learners CCG College put forward were selected for interview and 92% of those interviewed were offered jobs.

Retention so far (3 months) has been 100%.

Provision of labour market relevant skills CCG College has an in-depth understanding of the sectors it works with and a particularly strong relationship within the Care Industry. ​

Our core programme is designed to meet the job entry standards defined by the relevant Sector Skills Council (e.g. the ‘common induction standards’ set by Skills for Care). As the key focus is on identifying and filling particular vacancies or clusters of vacancies, CCG College fine-tunes its pre-employment courses in discussion with the employer.

To quote a manager from Chosen Care Group, ‘many of CCG College’s pre-employment training modules can provide candidates with a qualification. For instance, candidates participating in CCG College’s delivery resulted in a level 1 qualification in Preparing to work in Health and Social Care. This in turn gives new carers an insight into what is expected within their job role”.

Achievement rate for qualifications in 1014/15 was 95%. CCG College’s pre-employment sector base training courses are part of a range of services aimed at increasing the employability of people who are not working. Individuals who are suitable for the target vacancy and who stand a good chance of securing a job offer after completing the customised training course are offered a place on the course.

Those that are not yet ready are offered preparation training. The pre-employment training varies in length according to the target vacancy, ranging from 2 to 4 weeks in length. Given that courses are linked to an employer’s recruitment process they are, of necessity, short with a rapid turn round.

CCG College’s pre-employment sector based training courses are directed towards:

  • Either a particular vacancy or, preferable cluster of vacancies, with a specific employer. Or sector-specific training in areas of high recruitment demand, such as health and social care, retail, etc
  • Pre-employment training itself is typically designed to reflect both the needs of the employer (as defined by the entry requirements of the vacancy) and the individual

The latter is based upon CCG College’s experience of working with unemployed individuals and their understanding of the various factors that contribute to an individual’s ‘job readiness’, combined with an understanding of what learning can be achieved in a short course.

Courses typically include a combination of:

  • Job specific training such as company information, short accredited courses aimed at the sector and specific skills training
  • Personal development including communication skills, team working and confidence building
  • Job search skills training and job search support

Most of CCG College’s pre-employment training courses have direct employer input. This can be through a manager describing the recruitment process and what attributes they were looking for in potential staff, a talk from an existing employee about the job role and the realities of the work or sometimes service users discussing their requirements and what they expect from service delivery.

Provision linked to Job outcomes.

Sector bases:

  • HSC linked to sister company who cover 5000 contracted hours per week - Agency has open vacancies minimum contracted hours 16 per week

Core offer : Level 1 HSC programme, job interview training, embedded literacy, Numeracy and ICT, if successful - internal training (job ready) and progression into (in-work training Level 3 Diploma BTEC qualification)

  • Creative and Cultural – Linked to sister company 20 job outcomes, Traineeships, Apprenticeships and other target groups.

Core offer : Traineeship and Apprenticeship including:

  • Literacy, Numeracy and ICT
  • Opportunity to work with VFX studio on a current film production
  • 8 week programme consisting of Digital Video pre-production and production or Post Production Digital Visual Effects classes.

Both courses aim to produce interactive media on a professional level using a wide range of software and bespoke interactive digital media training materials. Selected learners from both classes will progress onto the Media Apprenticeship and continue producing quality material for Great B Productions (sister company), CCG College and other training providers.

IT and Recruitment : Linked to sister company 25 job outcomes would suit Traineeship, Apprenticeship and other target groups

Core offer:

  • Literacy Numeracy
  • Level 1 IT programme
  • On the job training (recruitment) including customer service, interview techniques, CV rewriting, telephone interviewing and web content

Security : linked to sister company 20-25 job outcomes pending interviews would suit other target groups

Core offer:

  • Literacy, Numeracy and basic IT
  • Security course to include knowledge of counter terrorism, search techniques, practical assessments, first aid, communication and work skills.
  • Pre – assessment for SIA (Security Industry Authority) license

SIA License : on successful completion the learner will attend an interview with our sister company