Chosen Care is an employer/training provider/RoTO/RoATP approved and is a prime contracter for Advance Learner Loans and Apprrencticeships

Chosen Care has supported over 1721 learners till date across the various sectors and client groups. This have included ESF/SSU, Commercial Training, BTEC National learner loans and Employment Plus provision.

In 2014/15 CCG College delivered SSU sector based academy learning. The aim of this training was to provide job outcomes and progress learners into work accredited training. We have completed these deliverables with full satisfaction to our Primes.

Prime Region Contract Type Fee Value Starts Actual % Achievements Timely
Prime 1 2013/2014 London SSU 20% 170K 149 147 98% 104 job outcomes. 14 in- work progression (LV3 HSC) 100%
Prime 2 London SSU 20% 70K 78 76 98% 35 job outcomes 100%
Prime 3 London Adult Learner Loan 20% + VAT 500K 180 150 85% Completed 89%
CCG College of Skills Innovation 2016/2017 London Adult Learner Loan VAT 600K 70 70 100% On Going On Going
Self-Funded(Chosen Care Group) London QCF L2 NA NA 40 38 96% Completed 95%
Self-Funded(Chosen Care Group) London QCF L3 NA NA 25 20 96% Completed 90%
Totals 1,030K

The principles of respect, dignity and choice, also promoting independence, fulfilment and enabling people to reach their potential are just some of the values that underpin CCG College.

CCG College has a proven track record of delivering high quality courses to learners with all abilities. With the regulatory environment becoming increasingly important in all the sectors in which we operate, CCG College make sure the courses we offer are current, relevant, and accessible.

CCG College development teams, are continuously updating the courses we offer and anticipate possible changes which may affect the workforces and services we support.

Our accreditations are with Pearson Edexcel and NCFE along with endorsements from our Primes, JCP, CQC make chosen care the preferred choice for public and private sector clients alike.