Candidate Appeals Procedure

NVQ and non NVQ Candidate Appeals Procedure against Assessment Decisions:

You can apply for an apprenticeship while you're still at school. To start one, you'll need to be:

  • In the event of a candidate who disagrees with either an assessment decision or the return of a portfolio, or any other grievance connected with the training programme, the candidate should first discuss the problem with their team leader/assessor in order to resolve the issue and negotiate a suitable Action Plan.
  • Where requested, the candidate will be allocated a different assessor.
  • If the candidate cannot resolve the problem at this stage then the Internal Verifier should be approached in order to discuss the problem and suggest a way forward.
  • If this discussion does not resolve the matter then an appeal should be lodged, in writing, to the Centre Manager and a meeting will be arranged in order to investigate the issues surrounding the complaint. Every effort will be made to arrange this meeting within seven working days of receipt of the letter. The Centre Manager will carry out a further investigation, if necessary, and report back to the candidate within seven working days.
  • If, after discussion, investigation and feedback, the candidate remains dissatisfied, an External Verifier will be contacted, if appropriate in order to discuss the matter further. An External Verifier, from the Awarding Body, would, if necessary, seek advice from a Regional Verifier.
  • All outcomes will be reported to the candidate via the Head of Learning and Development or other Director of CCG College of Skills Innovation.