Hospitality Short Course

The Hospitality short course will allow you to gain the necessary experience while developing literacy and numeracy skills, as well as important employability skills such as CV writing.

There are a variety of job roles available within the industry, whether its front of house, behind the bar or in the kitchen. You will be able to transfer the skills you learn in this program to other employment opportunities.

Business Short Course

The business short course will give you a taste of what the business world is like. How to present yourself when in a meeting and what to expect in a corporate company.

The four week classroom training will consist of employability skills and document writing, which are all transferrable skills directly linked to the business world.

Customer Service Short Course

Customer Service is required in every sector and this traineeship course will equip learners with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to deal with potential problems in a customer service environment, how to communicate, and how to deliver effective customer service.

The work experience will focus on these skills to ensure you have the best possible chance to secure a job.

Health and Social Care Short Course

The Health and Social Care short course is an intense four week training program including all of the fifteen standards and acceptable practices within the care setting.

This is followed by a four week work experience where trainees will shadow careers that are highly experienced and will provide constant mentoring throughout your placement.

Health and Social Care can help you take your first steps towards a career caring for people and communities. You’ll learn the essential skills needed to support people with a wide range of needs, from babies and toddlers to adults and the elderly.

Creative Media Short Course

A short course in Creative Media will provide you with the opportunity to learn the basics when it comes to TV, Film, Radio, Interactive Media and Games development.

CCG College will provide a 4 week training session consisting of either a Digital Video pre-production and production or a Post Production Digital Visual Effects. Both classes aim to produce interactive media on a professional level using a wide range of software and bespoke interactive digital media training materials.

Work Preparation Short Course

Work preparation training is the soft skills which are adaptable to any employment opportunity. This will include work skills, career planning, making applications, CV writing and effective math’s and English functional skills level 1 or 2* (depending on your GCSE and Initial assessment results).